Band Bio

Jack's Wasted Life is:

Jason LaMountain: Vocals, Guitar
Adam Kurick: Guitar
Brian Wilkes: Drums
Anthony Pettograsso: Bass Guitar

   Jack's Wasted Life is an original rock band from Albany, New York consisting of Jason LaMountain on vocals and guitar, Adam Kurick on guitar, Anthony Pettograsso on bass, and Brian Wilkes behind the drums. JWL’s sound is influenced by alternative rock bands such as Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and their songs range from hard driving rockers to melodic, acoustic based ones. The member's of Jack's Wasted Life are huge fans of the book and movie Fight Club and the band name comes from one of Ed Norton's most memorable lines in the film: "I am Jack's Wasted Life". Jack's Wasted Life released their debut 7 song EP "Bleeding You."